Cooking for the Kids


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I’ve just received the best compliment for my cooking I’ve ever had. It wasn’t from a top chef, or a high flying business client it was from my favourite little man Mikey. Mikey’s three and a half and loves his food. Sitting at the table with him sharing roast chicken and vegetables, he stopped eating, looked at me and said
“Daddy this is very delicious. My favourite you did a very good job.”
Who could ask for any more? This all made me think, why do more people not cook for there kids. Or more to the point for themselves. It’s not difficult, or expensive. This morning Mikey and I went shopping. We bought a carrot, 6 new potatoes, a small broccoli, cauliflower and a medium chicken for less than £5. Peas I had in the freezer and stock for gravy also lives there. The chicken was just simply seasoned and roast along with the new potatoes and a couple if cloves of garlic. Vegetables prepared with the help of Mikey and boiled in a little salted water. This all took less than 15 minutes to prepare and under an hour to cook. Not only that there’s enough left over chicken for a curry and I’ll boil the carcass up with herbs and trimmings to make a simple stock for broth. 3 meals 1 chicken. But the real point here is the manchild loved it. He ate the lot and then helped pick the meat from the carcass which guarantees he’ll want to eat tomorrows broth and he will certainly want try the curry, if I can cut down on my scotch bonnet addiction. So get your little ones involved in the kitchen it’ll make dinner times rewarding, because today ” I did a very good job” Mikey told me so and there’s no one better than your children to make you feel like a super hero

Spiced Chicken Salad

A little recipe to share today. Just a simple marinade for chicken. Real easy to knock up I got my little boy involved in mixing all the ingredients he’s real into helping in the kitchen and loves eating what he’s made. Means salad for dinner, bonus!!! I left chicken in the fridge to marinade for the day and will cook it on the BBQ tonight. Got to love a BBQ! Finish salad with a nice simple dressing and maybes some buttered Jersey Royals.Image

What do you look for in a burger?


What makes the Ultimate Durty Burger? Do you want lots of toppings and dressings? How important is the bun? Does price factor? What about sides? Fries, chunky chips, onion rings, ‘slaw, deep fried gherkins, chilli… The list is endless.
For me you’ve got to start with a good pattie, at least 200g of quality chopped beef simply seasoned and tightly packed together. No added breadcrumbs or egg just your meat yeah! A good homemade bun lightly toasted with a spread of Chilli jam, a thick piece of House Cured Bacon and a slice of quality cheese. That is it! Throw in a good portion of chilli salted chips, some deep fried gherkins and I’m done. I’m off to eat now I’m hungry. Please leave your comments


Is The Independent Restaurant Dead in Guildford?

I have to say to start that I’m not from Guildford and don’t claim to know every restaurant in the area, and I’m sure there are some very good independent restaurants out there but I always seem to struggle to find one. What I do find is a town full of chain restaurants, which I have to add I am not fully against. Some I think are excellent concepts which work very well. But why is there no stand out restaurant thriving in a town which has more than its fair share of disposable income? Do the public not want fresh, locally sourced food and a ever changing menu? Is there not the chef talent out there to staff the kitchens? Or is it that the right people just don’t have the finances to do something on there own? I fit into the last category. I believe I have the ability and the knowledge to run a good restaurant. I think I can back that up with the a well thought out menu and I have faith in my ability as a chef that I can cook to a high standard but as yet I haven’t found a pot of gold to make the dream a reality. I do now have a temporary solution. Let me bring a restaurant quality food to your home. You tell me when and I’ll write the menu just for you! I would love to hear anyones thoughts get in touch please I hope to have a website up soon